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Fuzion’s legacy of supporting the Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance (ILTCi) conference continued in 2018 as a Diamond sponsor and with attendees from multiple disciplines within our organization engaging in all aspects of the conference. The 18th annual ILTCI was held in Las Vegas, NV including more than 1,000 participants. There were ample networking breaks available to share industry challenges and discuss areas where collaborative efforts could improve results.

Vinh Giang was this year’s ILTCi conference keynote speaker. Vinh used illusions to communicate messages about relationships and innovations. His talents as a magician and communicator were very relatable to business problems and opportunities. One illusion showed the power of taking one step at a time to be able to accomplish an insurmountable task. Vinh emphasized that “our beliefs dictate our actions.” His keynote was a great way to create a positive mindset for the remainder of the conference.


The ILTCi conference organizes their breakout sessions in functional tracks, making it very easy for attendees to cover a wide-variety of topics or stay focused in their area of responsibility. Since Fuzion had several people attending the conference, many different topics and the latest trends, obstacles and solutions could be covered. Areas of most interest to Fuzion attendees included Actuarial & Finance; Management & Operations; and Legal, Compliance & Regulatory. 

The closing general session entitled “The Coming Revolution in Long-Term Care Caregiving: The Future is Now!” highlighted some very interesting technological developments and research. Pictures and videos of caregiving robots or “robo-nurses” were shown, as well as a preview of advances in personal mobility and stabilizing devices that will help prevent seniors from falling. Another panelist showed results from the implementation of sensors in a senior care facility. This pilot project uses the data from the sensors and predictive analytics to improve longevity and quality of life for its residents. There are great advancements occurring through research, engineering, and science in the long-term care caregiving field. Fuzion is excited to see what will be in store for the 19th annual Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance (ILTCi) conference in Chicago in March 2019.

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