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Experts in Long-term Care Insurance


Why Choose Fuzion?

Our exclusive focus is on long-term care insurance. With decades of experience in this niche industry, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges LTCi carriers face. When you engage Fuzion, you can trust that Fuzion’s seasoned LTCi professionals and customized services will work for you to improve your LTCi block performance and policyholders’ experience.
With our extensive risk and claims management capabilities, our long-term care insurance solutions are designed to reduce the incidence and severity of claims, improve business processes and results, and detect and mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse. We are committed to making a positive impact for your company and policyholders.

Whether you’re a seasoned insurance professional or new to the industry, working at Fuzion gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on long-term care insurance (LTCi). It’s exciting to work as part of a collaborative and encouraging team focused on supporting and making improvements in this unique niche of the insurance industry.


As the population ages, long-term care is essential for helping seniors during challenging times and to improve their quality of life. The work we do to help LTCi carriers deliver the very best service to their policyholders is essential, too. Our associates work hard to help our clients manage their complex LTCi products, and we believe in supporting associates with health and insurance benefits, remote work options, Employee Assistance Programs to support physical and emotional needs, flexible schedules, and generous paid time off — just to name a few.

Our Careers: Why Should You Work Here?

"You have heard the term 'family first. At Fuzion, the term is 'Associates First' with the same concept. Fuzion is a company that cares. I am a long-time associate, and this is why."

~Case Analyst, Associate since 2008


"I am happy to be a part of Fuzion because of the people. Fuzion makes everyone feel comfortable, included, and appreciated. Associates help each other without question and, although we have gone through a lot of change, I know we will always support each other."

~Project Manager, Associate since 2012

"While working at Fuzion, I have been provided with the mentorship, challenges, and teamwork needed to excel in my field. These unique experiences to explore new technologies and engineer solutions has helped elevate my confidence as a developer. My time at Fuzion has been bountiful in new skills, memories, and lifelong friendships."

~Sr. Software Developer, Associate since 2017


"I enjoy the collaboration which takes place at Fuzion. The organization exemplifies the ability of a team to come together in order to achieve the best possible results for our clients."

~Senior Staff Attorney, Associate since 2021

 Are you interested in joining a team that is changing an industry and truly making a difference? Browse our open positions below:

Of course, we can tell you how much our associates like the Fuzion work environment or we can show you:

Our Careers1

Our Culture: What Is Our Working Style?

We strive to make working in insurance fun and interesting. (Yes, it’s possible!) And just like any strong team, we have a guiding slogan that unites us. Driven by our Core Values and inspired to “Think Fuzion Blue”, we fulfill a mission to provide professional corporate management and high-quality insurance block management services to our clients.


A spirit of teamwork is cultivated through regular and engaging teambuilding exercises. Flexible work schedules, a strong framework of collaboration, a unique and friendly culture, plus a robust recognition program contributes to a warm and enjoyable work environment. There is endless recognition for a job well done; we love saying “thank you”.

Opportunities for growth are also an important factor in workplace happiness. Fuzion encourages life-long learning by offering support for formal education through a tuition reimbursement program and many other training, certification, and learning opportunities.

Culture Pic.PNG

Staying Connected While We're Apart 

As many organizations have transitioned to virtual working environments, many Fuzion associates have been enjoying the work-from-home arrangement but were also missing those water cooler chats. Embracing technologies we had in place, we developed new ways to encourage connections and relationship-building online. We appreciate how vital it is to be connected and we consistently work on ways to stay that way.

Our Culture

Social Responsibility

Social pic 2.PNG


At Fuzion, we believe in the power of strong communities. This includes the communities in which we live and play, and the one within our office. Our efforts reflect our commitment to making a positive contribution to society. Encouraging our associates to be engaged volunteers and leaders in their respective communities not only helps the organizations they serve, but also our associates personal wellness and development.

“I used the paid service hours provided to me by Fuzion to help direct a leadership retreat for 7th grade students from a local school. During this half-day retreat, I guided the students through a variety of fun activities to illustrate the importance of stepping outside of their comfort zone, using out-of-the-box thinking, and considering others’ perspectives of being a leader. Since many of these retreats are during the workday, it can be difficult to find time to volunteer. I really appreciate how Fuzion understands that being able to engage in enriching experiences like these is important, and that Fuzion tries to make these experiences more accessible to associates.”

~Fuzion Data Analyst, Associate since 2018 

Fuzion is particularly passionate about and proud of our long-standing relationship with Joy’s House, an organization that serves adults living with life-altering diagnoses. Their vision is powerful. Fuzion participates in activities throughout the year to aid Joy’s House in supporting Guests and their families with exceptional adult day and caregiver services.


Joys-house ring.tif
Joys House logo.png

We envision a world
where all individuals with
life-altering diagnoses and
their families are living
lives of knowledge, choice,
and comfort.


Fuzion, like the rest of the world, was stunned when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We were concerned about what would happen – both in and outside of work. As an organization with a core value of embracing change, we approached the challenge by working together and saying “Here’s how we can do this.”


We quickly collaborated on all levels of the organization and utilized technologies we already had in place, and were easily able to keep the organization running seamlessly and successfully. Our associates felt supported and our quick response and creativity meant our usual high level of productivity and quality work could continue, and we were able to stay closely connected with our clients and each other.

Social Responsibility
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