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Carmel, Ind. – Fuzion is serious about security and helps associates understand the importance of cybersecurity safety through entertaining and educational all-associate events. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and the 15th annual NCSAM has a focus on “Our Shared Responsibility” of protecting the internet. Observing NCSAM every October helps to ensure every American has necessary resources to stay safer and more secure online, identifying opportunities for behavioral change. NCSAM was launched by the National Cyber Security Alliance & the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  

To celebrate and educate, Fuzion’s security team hosted weekly events, with appearances throughout the month from “Henry the HIPAA-potamus”, our security mascot. Henry was created to pay homage to one of the regulations that guides most of our security efforts at Fuzion. Henry is playfully intense about protecting Fuzion’s and our customer’s data. Fuzion’s goal of celebrating NCSAM is to raise interest and awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, by engaging and educating our associates to be more informed consumers of the internet at work and at home.


Fuzion kicked off its 2nd Annual Fuzion Cybersecurity Awareness Month on October 4th, with an overview of events and by providing associates with their Cyber-Passports. Events throughout the month included:

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  • a workshop focused on online safety and how to keep mobile devices secure, presented by our internal experts,

  • a guest speaker from Forum Credit Union to discuss identity theft and cybersecurity,

  • a very interesting session on “The Dark Web” presented by a guest speaker from Pondurance, one of our security vendors, and

  • the last week’s training session on Policies & Procedures; including a trivia contest powered by Kahoot, with prizes for top winners. 

Fuzion wrapped up the month up with a closing celebration on October 31st with security bingo and the announcement of cybersecurity prize winners. A grand prize was awarded to the associate with the most points earned throughout the month from their involvement in security-related activities (following the visitor management policy, sending the security team security hashtags, creating security poems, reporting suspicious emails, etc.). Another successful and fun cybersecurity month is in the books, leaving employees’ interests piqued and more educated on how to be more secure.

About Fuzion

Fuzion provides results-oriented solutions to the senior insurance industry. These innovative, evidence-based solutions enable us to successfully manage blocks of long term care insurance. We focus on the needs of insurance carriers serving the senior community, as well as the needs of their policyholders; and creating an environment where employees can give their best. Providing carriers the ability to effectively manage claims, minimize fraud, create insight through analytics, and encourage positive policyholder engagement makes Fuzion a company that is transforming the senior insurance industry. For more information, visit

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