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Fuzion Associates Show Cybersecurity Knowledge with ‘OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT.’

October is National Cybersecurity Month (NCSAM) and the 16th annual NSCSAM is being celebrated under the theme of ‘OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT.’ This overarching message encourages organizations and the public to be vigilant in catching suspicious online activity, and to take preventive actions and report cybercrimes. As a company that emphasizes security and innovation, Fuzion was eager to adopt the NCSAM’s theme of ‘OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT.’ for its 3rd Annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As cybercrimes become more sophisticated, Fuzion recognizes that it is important their employees are ever more vigilant in looking out for these threats.

Fuzion, which has had successful Cybersecurity Awareness events in the past, has continued with the tradition of providing engaging and informative events that are open to all associates. Through events such as Fuzion Feud and the NCSAM Trivia Game, associates were able to showcase their growing knowledge of cybersecurity topics and were provided with opportunities to learn more about the changing trends through articles that were provided through a “Reader’s Digest.” Additionally, Fuzion hosted a guest speaker from Forum Credit Union to discuss identity theft and cybersecurity.     


Associates were also able to engage with Fuzion’s Security Team by asking security-related questions to gain a better understanding of security practices and were provided with tips and techniques for implementing strong security strategies at work and at home. Fuzion wrapped up the month with a closing celebration on October 31st with security bingo and associates who attended all of the events were able to enter a drawing for a grand prize. Throughout the course of the month, it became clear that Fuzion associates have learned a lot about cybersecurity and are committed to good data security and privacy practices. 

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