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Operational Support Services

Claim Audit
Services to evaluate the claims process to ensure compliance with applicable policies and procedures and operative policy language.  This best-in-class service includes a review of systems, processes, workflows, and performance monitoring and reporting.  The review also includes assessing client strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and preparing recommendations based on the assessment. Resources are available to assist with developing strategy and implementing the recommendations.
Premium / Benefit Modification Communications and Processing 

Policyholder communication management services that present complex premium, benefit, and policy information in a clear, understandable, and customer-friendly manner. Incorporating relevant, personalized policyholder information in the communications and development and deployment of helpful, educational videos to aid in policyholder decision-making are important components of this service offering. Another important component of this service is  processing policyholder premium and benefit modifications via a proprietary streamlined platform. Managing all follow-up communication rounds out these offerings with a full-service approach.


Learn more about how Fuzion has been nationally recognized for designing and producing award-winning policyholder communications.

Policyholder Engagement
Customer-centric communications programs and service performance monitoring tools designed to engage policyholders and enhance the policyholder experience. This service includes the development and management of Customer Experience Satisfaction Surveys (CXSS) with optional services including survey mailing, CXSS response processing and results reporting, follow up with policyholders, and development of action plans based on policyholder feedback. Development and implementation of policyholder newsletters is a popular service to provide a positive connection to policyholders including information about wellness initiatives, policy administration, and other topics of interest. Additional services include targeted educational communications, proactive outreach programs, and preparation and mailing of statements of current benefits to policyholders.
Policyholder Communication Review and Consulting
Services to review policyholder communications and recommend improvements. Policyholder communication content development, education, and consulting services are provided. Project management and support services are also available to implement recommended communications improvements.
TPA Communication / Training Support
Services to Third Party Administrators to evaluate communication with their clients, recommend improvements to communications, facilitate implementation of improvement initiatives, and deliver ongoing training support.
Compliance and Regulatory Alerts
Monitoring and education services to inform clients of new compliance and regulatory developments. Managing the required compliance regulatory filings is available as an additional aspect of this service.
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