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A “Clients-First” Culture is Fuzion’s Top Priority

As companies grow, it is important to be intentional about managing the change that comes with it. It is even more important to stay focused on responsiveness to external customer needs and demands and quality of service. This should always be the top priority – and at Fuzion, it is.


Fuzion’s growth has created the welcome need for an enhanced matrix-based client framework with dedicated client relationship leaders. Fuzion is pleased to announce that Debbie Maas has recently been promoted to Senior VP of Communications and Client Engagement, which includes overseeing Fuzion’s client relationships. Debbie’s ongoing commitment to superior customer service is consistently recognized and appreciated by Fuzion’s clients as a positive attribute that distinguishes Fuzion from others in the industry. Under Debbie’s leadership, every Fuzion client is partnered with a client relationship leader who provides focused, high-touch, customized service to ensure a high level of client satisfaction and quality results.


Those of us who specialize in the LTCi industry are well aware of the unique challenges we face. Debbie’s extensive experience coupled with her many LTCi industry speaker and leadership roles with the Long Term Care International Forum, the International Claim Association, and the Intercompany Long-Term Care Insurance (“ILTCI”) Conference brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for serving others.


Debbie’s philosophy on effective client engagement starts with listening. To effectively serve clients, listening leads to truly understanding each client’s individualized challenges and needs, and how Fuzion’s customized services can improve their business results. With Debbie’s recent promotion, Fuzion is even better poised to serve our current and future clients. Trusting that Fuzion’s quality, impactful services will enhance their block performance and policyholders’ experience, clients can focus on their core activities and objectives.


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