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Corporate Management Services

Insurance Company Management
Services to manage long-term care insurance companies or their block(s) of long-term care insurance. These services include performing and overseeing all of the business functions of the entity or a subset of the business functions as defined by the client.
TPA Oversight (Blocks of LTCi Business Oversight)
Services designed to oversee the TPA that performs the outsourced policy and claims administration for the client. Services including transactional auditing, call center monitoring, transaction processing performance monitoring, implementation of process improvement and policyholder experience improvement recommendations, and project management.
Turnaround Management Services for Impaired Blocks of LTC Insurance

Services for underperforming blocks of LTCi business before and/or after state insurance department regulatory intervention. Fuzion has long-standing experience working with state insurance departments in leading the activities and reporting requirements needed to improve the performance of impaired blocks of LTC insurance. These services also include effectively managing communications with insurance departments, policyholders, and other stakeholders.

  • Planning

Project management and planning services for clients with impaired blocks of LTC insurance to develop corrective action plans to improve financial and operational performance.


  • Implementation 

Project management services to implement corrective action plans and performance monitoring protocols. The financial and operational performance of impaired blocks of LTC insurance is continually monitored and customized improvement initiatives are implemented, as needed.

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