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Fuzion President Featured on Voices of LTCI Podcast

Robert Loren Robinson, Fuzion’s President, was featured on The Voices of LTCI, a podcast produced by The Helper Bees and hosted by its CEO, Char Hu. The Helper Bees, a provider of advanced technology solutions in the long-term care industry, launched the monthly podcast to engage in casual conversation with industry leaders about the evolution and future of the LTCI industry.

During the half-hour interview, Robinson shared insights gathered over his 20 years of experience in the long-term care insurance industry and his vision and perspective on enhancing the client experience, and best practices in corporate and claims management. With a background in operations and customer service, his leadership style emphasizes prioritizing associates and Fuzion’s carrier clients, so the very best service is provided to  policyholders.

“Fuzion provides services to the LTC industry and we like to refer to them as value added services,” Robinson said. “We bring to the table services that enhance the client experience, and help companies do a better job at managing their policyholder base and claims. That’s our primary focus.”

Robinson stressed that since Fuzion is in the relationship business, every aspect of what the company does is ultimately designed to add value to the client and their policyholders. ”My job is to make sure our associates have the tools, the support, and the culture and that they’re empowered to do what needs to be done to serve the clients.”

Click here to watch the video version of the interview on YouTube.

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