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Fuzion-Sponsored LTCIF Webinar Series Provides Excellent Industry Educational Opportunities

Fuzion continues its proud tradition of sponsoring the Long Term Care International Forum (“LTCIF”) Educational Webinar series. The summer 2023 webinar highlighted Trends and Opportunities in Home-Based Care. The Helper Bees’ General Manager, Daniel Murphy, shared interesting statistics on the United States’ aging population and reasons why many seniors prefer to receive care at home, as opposed to in an assisted living facility. While this trend creates an even greater need for an already challenged home-based care workforce, there are many technology-enabled innovations already available or in the late stages of development that can improve the safety and quality of life for seniors receiving care at home. Fuzion and the LTCIF deeply appreciate Daniel sharing his knowledge and understanding of advancements that will positively impact home-based care.


If you missed the webinar and are a long-term care insurance professional who would like to learn more about home-based care trends and opportunities, contact Debbie Maas, Fuzion’s VP of Communications and Client Engagement, for the password to access the webinar on the LTCIF website’s Resource Library Webinars page. The next LTCIF webinar will be held later in 2023. Our attention turns now to preparing for the 2023 LTCIF Annual Conference to be held September 13 – 15 in New Orleans. 

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