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Using In-depth Experience to
Help Address Industry-wide Issues

The long-term care industry continues to face complex challenges. We complement your resources and provide solutions to improve financial and operational performance.

Long-term care insurance is a vital investment for millions of Americans. In spite of this fact, it is an industry that faces a number of hurdles. Product pricing was built on a complex set of variables and the realities have been vastly different than the original assumptions. The longevity of low interest rates, low lapse rates, high claim rates, regulatory changes, and the unanticipated evolution of senior care facilities are threatening the industry.

At Fuzion, we are proving there is a better way. We are passionate about using what we have learned to bring about positive change in the long-term care insurance industry.

Case Studies

Claims Management

Harnessing the power of multi-dimensional data, Fuzion helps a client see a dramatic decrease in paid claims and claims loss ratio within their closed long-term care block.

Case Managment.PNG
Claims Management
Rate Increase
Rate Increase.PNG

Rate Increases and Downgrades

When inaccurate pricing assumptions led to high loss ratios for a client, Fuzion crafted a creative rate increase approach that benefitted the carrier without harming policyholders.

View the Case Study

Fraud Mitigation Program

Fuzion performs deep data analysis and creates a strategic approach that empowers a client company to tackle fraud and experience a $2M improvement within 12 months.

View the Case Study

Fraud Mitigation.PNG
Fraud Mitigation
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